When Gene and I founded Schulfer & Associates, LLC Financial Professionals, a lot of careful thought and consideration went into how our business would be represented in name and logo. Each time you see a representation of our business, we want to be certain that we are clearly communicating who we are, and what we stand for.

Of paramount importance, was choosing the right name. We chose to have our “name on the door”, so that you know who you are working with. Personal service is the cornerstone of our firm. Ours is a business of trust and integrity; personal reputation and strong moral character matter. Collectively, we've spent decades building our careers in financial services. We want you to confidently know that the advisors at Schulfer & Associates truly are Financial Professionals. We are qualified, skilled and proficient in financial planning and investment management.

The colors of our firm are blue and gold. Blue represents loyalty, character, integrity, and classic business sense. That is why we chose blue for our name. Gold represents prosperity, and the monetary policy that our great country built it's history upon. Our logo needed to embrace a life force, because the significance of our work is in the added value that we bring to the lives of our clients and their families. Our Value Proposition is Organize, Manage, and Protect. We are watchful and alert. While we possess great personal strength, we do not work alone. All of these, are inherent characteristics of the Lion, and we feel, effectively represents our firm. There are countless parallels we've discerned. My final point here, we are forward looking, as is our Lion.

From this moment forward, may you remember the significance of the Lion, and all it signifies to Schulfer & Associates Financial Professionals.