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What I learned in New York

Back from a 2-day conference with JP Morgan, sharing opinions, facts, and interesting tidbits.


Jumping Ship to the Next Hot Tip

What to Consider When You Get Impatient


How Low Should You Go? Depends: Are You a Trader or Investor?

Your investment strategy and goal should guide your behavior.


2021 Holiday Message

Reporting remotely from 1843


Take-aways from a Conference

Sharing some thoughts from my first live conference in 2 years.


Express Recycling visit

They've been a great partner in our Shredding Party event for the community. We visit to find out what else they do.


Can we shake on it? Or not?

The handshake was predicted to go away post-pandemic. Has it?


I know I'm older, but how am I different?

Client goals, and my responsibilities, have changed over the years.


When do I fire myself?

We can't be all things to all people.


June 25th is Independence Day (to me)!

I celebrate 10 years as an independent advisor. Why that's important to the people I help.


Embracing Tech & Having a Paperless Office through LPL Financial

Working paperless and remote is a positive option. It has become critical in a pandemic year.


Clients want to know how Smart we are - Not!

Listening, not speaking "Financial-ese", and explaining the steps to take is more important to our people than showing that we know all of the terms.


Rewards in a time of Stress:

When you get that call from a client in need.


Retirement Income Summit:


Heading to Chicago - Never Stop Learning

On my way to the Retirement Income Summit


Back from the Retirement Income Summit in Chicago

Sharing a few tidbits from a conference

IRA Rollovers Series: 


IRA Rollovers Part I

Know your options before you rollover


IRA Rollovers Part II - Reasons

What are some reasons to rollover?


IRA Rollovers Part III - Timing

Does it matter when you rollover?


Investor Behavior:


How are my Stocks??:

Guiding a long-term investor away from daily concerns.


Time Off for Bad Behavior

The wrong behavior can take time off of the life of your retirement savings.


What Are The Odds...That You Are Behaving Badly?

Use rules, not reactions when investing.


It's Free Dinner Time Again!

Education and a free dinner can make for a nice night but do your homework first...


What Are You Afraid Of?

What do investors and retirees fear?


What Are You Afraid Of (Part II)?

What do we look at when markets drop and investors may behave badly?


Trust Me....?

How important is Trust for an advisor?


Meeting Your Younger Self

What would you tell your younger self about investing?


Don't Trust the Markets!!

Don't let advertising dollars influence your investment plan.


The Difference Between Drop & Loss

Don't let stressful times cloud your judgment.


It's About Time

Priorities for spending are changing.


Retirement Planning:


If Financial Planning is the Yin, what is the Yang?:

If you have a Financial Plan, do you truly have a balance? There is a flip side to planning.


Expectations - well, what did you expect?

Setting reasonable assumptions in planning makes sense



Work to Retirement is not a straight line

There are many ways to transition to retired life.


When Things Settle Down

When will I see a "typical" year in retirement?


Will You Have More Time or Money 

Are you an Accumulator or a Decumulator?


You Gotta Build a Floor if You Want to Know How High to Make the Ceiling!

Using a Flooring Strategy is one way to create an income plan in retirement.


Do You Choose Bucket #1, Bucket #2, or.....

A bucket strategy is a common way to build a retirement income stream.


How do I get PAID?

An obvious question by new retirees, but not always top of mind for planning advisors.


The Power Of Planning (Hint: It's not magic!)

Two stories: a beginning saver and a soon-to-be retiree....


Why the Proper Title Matters

Make sure your accounts are titled properly in the event of.....


Does Stuff Matter?

Are you OK with what happens to your stuff if.....


Should You Semi Retire?

The power of working part-time a few more years.


Anticipation Can Be Fun

With a good plan, you can enjoy the days leading up to retirement.

Retirement Investing:


5 Investment Rules in an Election Year

Election years should not derail you from your investing disciplines.


Who's Driving??

Do the investments drive the plan, or does the plan drive the investments?


How Many Baskets do You Need?

Diversification may be a good strategy for some things.


Give to Charity or the IRS?

If you send your RMD direct to your favorite not-for-profit you can avoid the tax


What is a Fiduciary and Why Should I Care

You've been told to work with a Fiduciary. What does that even mean?


Are Guarantees really Guaranteed?

Not all guarantees are the same. Do your homework, or have a professional do it for you, to know the differences.


Is your CD an IRA or your IRA a CD?

I discuss some common investing misconceptions.


Things to Consider Re Roth IRA Conversions

Should You/Should You Not Convert IRA $ to a Roth IRA?


If You are 72 Give Early!

Be tax-smart about your giving.


Two Times to Convert

Two of the Best Times to Consider a Roth IRA Conversion



Good habits are the key to many achieving millionaire status


You Need $ to Retire!

I know the amount you need to retire.


3 Ways to Look at Retirement (2 of them are WRONG)

How should you look at the money you've saved?


Job or Employer Change Series. What Matters? 


Job or Employer Change? Part I - Decisions Matter. An Ounce of Prevention:

Your employer sold the business. Or you have a new job. What to do 


Job or Employer Change? Part II - Knowledge Matters. Overcome Apprehension:

There are many benefits decisions to make during a job or employer change, or if you decide to retire.


Job or Employer Change? Part III - Experience Matters. Can I have your attention?

Tales from the Front. Real-life situations where, with little planning and experience, you may make some positive moves.


Job or Employer Change? Part IV - Planning matters:

What should you do with your old and new accounts? Do you have a plan?


Job or Employer Change? Part V - Pay Attention to Your Pension:

A discussion on Defined Benefit Plans, and understanding of the rules.

Retirement Risks Series:


Retirement Risks: Part I The Definition of Risk is.....

Part I in a series. Market risk is only one of many types you face in retirement. This series will discuss several risks you should be aware of, and how to manage them for a safer, more predictable future.


Retirement Risks - Part II Why is aging in retirement risky?

Why is aging in retirement risky? Part II in a series on managing multiple retirement risks.


Retirement Risks Part III - Investment Risks

Investment risk is more than just market ups and downs.


Retirement Risks Part IV - Work & Family Risk

The last session of this series. I discuss how to plan for work and family-related surprises.