Elijah Kollock

Wealth Management Intern

Born and raised in Central Wisconsin, my interest in financial management began while working at my family’s business. During high school, my curiosity turned into passion as I spent hours in the library reading books about investing and personal finance. My interests lead me to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, pursuing a degree in Quantitative Economics. I’m very grateful for the education and experience I’ve received as it has given me a strong foundation of skills and knowledge which I am eager to apply here at Schulfer and Associates.

I am thrilled to be interning at Schulfer and Associates Wealth Management and look forward to learning from the dynamic team assembled here. This valuable opportunity aligns perfectly with my passion for financial planning and aptitude for building relationships with others. I believe that effective wealth management not only requires financial expertise, but also a deep understanding of client’s goals and aspirations. I am fortunate to be joining a team that excels at both.