100 Daily Reads to get you TO and THROUGH Retirement

Are you looking for the retirement light at the end of your working tunnel, or are you already retired?  If you seek to sharpen your knowledge to get you to and through retirement, this book is for you: daily reads are perfect!   The compounding results of daily disciplines are what get us to any goal we may set, be it health and fitness, personal relationships, business or career growth and most certainly, money and retirement.  A few minutes each day of consistent reading will educate and inspire you to achieve your goals, because your Retirement is MEANT TO BE!  


What’s different about this book?  It is 100% written and edited by me, the Wealth Management Advisor’s name and face on the front of this book.  Throughout the years, I’ve spoken to many other advisors who’ve published books and when I asked how they did it, they revealed a big secret: they’d hired a professional writer to compose their ideas and impart their knowledge into something pleasing to read.   


Long before I began working with other people’s money, I was serious about building my own net worth.  I have been a business owner since 1994, began working in the financial industry in 1999 and when our youngest son entered kindergarten, I procured securities licenses and professional designations to become a self-employed, independent Wealth Management Advisor in 2005.  I began writing short articles for our office weekly report a few years later to share wealth building wisdom with our clients.  My commentary captured the attention of our local newspaper in 2012.  Since then, I have personally authored hundreds of articles genuinely based on my experiences and the profound relationships I’ve built with the people who rely on me to help them pursue their financial and retirement goals.  The “light bulb” moments are my stimulants:  either when I see the light bulb spark and flare in other people’s minds, or blaze in my own! It’s that moment that an article is inspired! May that same light be the one you see, feel and experience through reading this book, by taking a few minutes each day, so that your light may shine on a Retirement that was MEANT to BE! 


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