Yes, I Write All the Articles

By LouAnn Schulfer, AWMA®, AIF® Accredited Wealth Management Advisor℠, Accredited Investment Fiduciary® |

Periodically, I am asked about the articles that I write.  Sometimes the question arises as to whether I personally write all the articles or if I have any assistance with content or editing.  The answer is, I do in fact author and edit all the articles myself and without assistance.  I do not modify anyone else’s content, nor do I subscribe to any services to assist (there are paid-for services available to advisors of this nature).  In fact, holding the range of securities licenses that allow me to run my business as I do (not all advisors hold the same extent of licenses), each and every article that I write must be submitted through a rigorous compliance process before it can be published in print or online.  Once approved, the host of the article, such as the City Times, must print the content exactly as submitted. 


My entrepreneurial experience dates back to 1994, when my husband and I bought our first small business, a self-storage facility.  We wanted to build our own net-worth beyond what our paychecks permitted.  The story takes on a lot of growth and detail from there, but ultimately contributed to the decision 23 years ago to enter the Wealth Management business.  Building our own net worth before we ever worked with anyone else’s money, we have a perspective that others simply do not.  That is a direct result of years of taking on a great deal of responsibility, risk, facing difficult decisions, investing our hard work and the perseverance to persist. 


Developing relationships with my clients, there are “light-bulb” moments that strike me, or I see in my clients as we work through their decision-making processes.  This is usually the inspiration for something to write.  Like anyone who has spent a lifetime building their own net worth, my clients also face difficult decisions on an ongoing basis, have invested hard work, taken on risk, have stories of the responsibilities they’ve embraced and have persevered to their current level of success.  This brings me joy and motivation to write, which is why I personally write all the articles.   Thank you for reading!





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