“I’m Not Retired, I’ve Rewired”

By LouAnn Schulfer, AWMA®, AIF® Accredited Wealth Management AdvisorSM, Accredited Investment Fiduciary® , Published Author |

I had a client retire from her career a few months ago at an early age, in her mid-50’s.  It was a big decision, as both her employment and her financial circumstances changed within the same year.  Since she’d been at the same company for decades, continuing to work at another full-time job would have been a substantial shift from the position she’d held for much of her life.  The big question was, did she have to keep working to earn the same salary or could she fully depart from the commitment of traditional employment?  We did extensive planning by mapping out her finances, analyzed the taxation upon withdrawal of her different types of accounts, planned future spending and all the other elements that go into setting up a retirement income plan.  She chose to give her notice and not look back.


When she came in for a review a few weeks ago, this happy lady relayed how she was enjoying her new freedom to embrace a passion of hers from which she earns a part-time income.  She also said it was awkward at times telling friends she’d retired both because of her young age as well as the fact that she is still working, just not at her traditional job.   She went on to tell me “So now, I don’t tell people that I’ve retired, I tell people that I’ve rewired!”  I replied saying that was perfect and have since come to realize how many people essentially do the same.  Thinking through several of my clients, people with high amounts of responsibility hold stressful positions that they choose to or plan to leave, and go on to find other means of earning less income but with more enjoyment.  It’s because their individual financial circumstances allow them to do so. 


Consider whether in your future, you may be able to proudly say “I’m not retired, I’ve rewired!”


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