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Schulfer & Associates, LLC

We’re thrilled to bring you part three of our exciting updates!

E-signature is now allowable for most of our investment applications and other paperwork.  Electronic form-filling and submissions are more efficient, reducing errors such as missed information, signatures or initials on paperwork.  Once approved, e-signature documents are automatically filed further enhancing our efficiency.  You may view e-signature and all other account documents, including records that we file on your behalf (not requiring your signature), in the “documents and statements” tab in Account View.  If you’ve not yet used account view, please contact us so that we may assist in getting you set up and offer a tutorial. 

LPL has launched a new advisor-guided digital investing program, Guided Wealth Portfolios, that our office has adopted as an option for investors.  GWP has account minimums as low as $5,000 with lower overall costs to the investor, while still providing a personalized investment roadmap with a corresponding asset allocation, ongoing investment selection based upon LPL’s independent research, tax-efficient investing including tax loss harvesting for non-retirement accounts, and consistent, daily monitoring with automatic rebalancing.  All of this is accomplished through a technology based platform where the investor may engage in the experience directly on our website!  Go to | Our Services | Guided Wealth portfolios to learn more.  While the investor has access to their chosen advisor at our office, the lower account minimums and associated costs are achievable because the program is driven by the investor providing their information through our online experience, accounts are monitored and maintained digitally, and communication to the investor is done via e-mail and their online portal by LPL’s systems.  We are excited to offer this option, and in fact, both Jim and LouAnn were part of the pilot program having interacted with and personally met many of the technology engineers and creators of the program. 

You’ve likely heard the three primary reasons we choose to partner with LPL:  independence, research and due diligence.  LPL allows us to be independent advisors and run our business as such.  They have a large research team of about 50 people who we rely upon on a daily basis, and their due diligence team deeply digs into investment firms for their stability, viability, transparency and overall strength.   Additionally, LPL is an industry leader in technology to both clients and advisors.  Our advisor platform is changing from “BranchNet” to “Client Works”.  While this is invisible to clients, the advancements to our operations are profound, resulting in a higher level of detail with greater efficiency translating to ever improving and evolving service to our clients.   Ultimately, that is always our priority:  how we can improve for YOU!

Our 2017 list of goals included the implementation of an Advisory Council, which we are thrilled to have launched in May of 2017.   For ½ day twice per year, our Advisory Council meets to discuss topics most important to our business to provide feedback related to our current services and suggestions for growth of our firm.  In fact, they’ve even been great sports about preparatory “homework” for our meetings in order to provide sound feedback with an understanding of our business and industry.  The council is a group of five of our clients from diverse backgrounds who have been fully immersed in our systems as retirement planning and investment management clients, have regularly attended Schulfer & Associates events, who we’ve developed significant advisor-client relationships with.  We are extremely grateful for their time, commitment and great advice!  We’ve already implemented new facets to our business based off of their recommendations.

To be continued….  Watch for more exciting news from Gene, Jim, LouAnn and Tammy!