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Retirement Social Security           
Articles Written by LouAnn Schulfer Articles Written by LouAnn Schulfer          
  • The 4% “Safe Withdrawal” Rule
  • The Future of Social Security
  • 401(k)s, 403(b)’s and IRAs: What’s the Difference?
Social Security: Often Misunderstood          
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions: Win-Win-Win!
  • Social Security: It Will Still Be There


  • Common and Costly IRA Mistakes: Rollovers
  • Social Security Restricted Application: Consider the “What If’s”


  • Keep Flexibility in Your Retirement Income Plan



  • Who Owns Your Deferred Comp?




  • Not All Pensions Are Governed the Same

Articles Written by LouAnn Schulfer 



  • Setting Up Retirement Income: How Does That Work?






  • Corporate Mergers and Your Retirement
  • SMA's: Highly Customizable





  • When Should I Start Planning for Retirement?
  • Tax Brackets




  • The New Age of RMDs
  • Taxes and Your Investments 






  • Retirement Plan Options When Your Company Sells





  • Retirement Plan Decisions When Your Company Sells

Videos Produced by James Robinson 




  • Get Your Last Contributions In Before Retirement
  • Give to Charity or the IRS





  • ROTH IRAs: Going through the Back Door






  • Unintended Consequences of COVID: Early Retirement





  • 5 Retirement Planning Tips

Articles Written by LouAnn Schulfer 


  • The Million Dollar Question
  • Income Planning
  • Are you a trader or an investor?
  • Guaranteed Income
  • Dispersion in the Markets
  • Words Matter
  • Market Returns Amidst the Pandemic
  • The Whole Picture
  • The Effects of Drawdown
  • Retirement Planning: Like an Equation
  • Assessing Your Investment Real Estate
  • You’re Retired, Your Accounts Shouldn’t Be
  • Politics and Your Investments
  • Why the CARES ACT Waives RMDs
  • Low Interest Rates: A Double Edged Sword
  • Key Ages for Retirement Income
  • The S&P is not GDP
  • Stretch IRAs Gone for Many
  • Investment Accounts: More Than Just a Return
  • The SECURE Act and Your IRA Contributions
  • All-Time Market Highs
  • The SECURE Act and Your RMDs
  • Volatility Can Present Opportunity
  • 5 Required Minimum Distribution Facts
  • Historic Patriotism and Investing
  • Common and Costly IRA Mistakes
  • The Next Market Leaders
  • Great News for Retirement Savers in 2020
  • What Amount of Commitment Does Your Investment Require?
  • The Best Retirement Advice I’ve Ever Received…
  • When Should You Stop Investing?
  • Pension Trends
  • Understand Your Investment Qualifications
  • What to do if you receive an Important Pension Notice
  • How Well do You Understand Your Annuity?
  • Imagining Retirement
  • Escheatment and Your Investments
  • Rollovers and Transfers
  • What Causes Market Sell Offs?
  • Retirement Planning: Dig a Little Deeper
  • What Amount of Commitment Does Your Investment Require?
  • It's Never Too Late for a Second Look
  • Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results
  • What is the Greatest Risk to Your Nest Egg?
  • Important Ages for Your Retirement Income
Videos Produced by James Robinson           
  • Doing Nothing is a Decision
  • Words of Wisdom for Retirement
  • How Many Baskets do you Need?
  • Great News for Retirement Savers in 2019
  • Whos Driving?
  • Retirement Like a Rubix Cube
  • 5 Investment Rules in an Election Year
  • Planning Does Not Stop After Retirement
  • How are my stocks?
  • The Most Important Question
  • 6 ROTH IRA Facts That May Surprise You
Women & Money           
  • Retirement Planning: How Clear is your Picture?
Articles Written by LouAnn Schulfer           
  • ROTH IRA Conversions
  • IRA Planning Options
  • What are Your Chances of Widowhood?
  • What to do When Your Pension Plan Terminates
  • Widowhood: A New Chapter
  • Words of Wisdom for Retirement
  • Long Term Planning Means Security for Women
  • Do You Understand Distribution Diversification?
  • 5 Modern Myths about Women and Money
  • Retirement Planning Advice: Work to eliminate your Debt
  • Suddenly Single
  • Retirement: A Financial Decision or an Emotional Decision?
  • Women and Money: Taking Over the Finances





  • Should I Roll Over My 401(k)?
  • Can I Retire?
Long Term Care and Life Insurance           
  Articles Written by LouAnn Schulfer           
Videos Produced by James Robinson             
  • Your Last Gift
  • Time Off for Bad Behavior
  • Old Life Insurance – Improve Your Position
  • When Things Settle Down
  • Long Term Care: Who Pays?
  • Work to Retirement is not a straight line
  • Life Insurance Fatigue
  • Retirement Risks: Part I  The Definition of Risk is.....
  • Which Risk are You Willing to Take?
  • Retirement Risks - Part II  Why is aging in retirement risky?
  • Getting Started is the Hardest Part
  • Retirement Risks Part III - Investment Risks
  • Planning and Inspiration at 81






  • Retirement Risks Part IV - Work & Family Risk
  • Your Life Insurance Policies: Worth a Review
  • Job or Employer change? Part I - Decisions Matter. An ounce of prevention..
  • Long Term Care Planning: Different than it Used to Be
  • Job or Employer Change? - Part II. Knowledge Matters. Overcome Apprehension
  • Sorting through Long Term Care Planning Options
  • Job or Employer Change Part III. Experience Matters. Can I have your Attention?
  • Life Insurance Shouldn’t be Complicated…. But sometimes it is
  • Job or Employer Change Part IV.   Planning Matters
  • Know-How to Update Your Beneficiary Designations
  • Job Change Part V. Pay Attention to Your Pension
  • Group Life Insurance vs. Personally Owned Life Insurance