Schulfer & Associates, LLC

Schulfer & Associates, LLC Financial Professionals Office Update

We’ve had a productive year of business advancements that we are excited to share with you.  In fact, there is so much to share that we will be doing so in various e-mails over the next several weeks.

We kicked off 2017 tackling a goal that we’d set a couple of years ago:  an introductory Schulfer & Associates video.  Strict compliance regulations and procedures make all of our communications processes more restrictive, complex and labor intensive than other businesses, however we are extremely proud of our finished product!  Please take three minutes, click here to watch, and share your feedback with us.  Please invite your friends to visit to watch directly from the rotating picture frame on our home page and see what makes our firm stand out.

Several years ago we made the commitment to explore new technologies as they come available, do our diligence and embrace the ones that would improve our business.  The capital investment and effort to learn is a temporary sacrifice, but the long-term payoffs are profound.  Technology such as our web based Client Relationship Management System (CRM) has allowed us to do such things as create step by step workflows which automate systems and processes to manage large amounts of data, reduce errors, and create significant time efficiencies. This allows the four of us to function at higher levels, delivering greater service to our clients.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve adopted an entirely new VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system.  Numerous benefits come with the innovative system including integration with our CRM so that your contact file pops up on Tammy’s computer screen as you are calling our office.  Further enhancing our efficiencies, we have unlimited lines which means no busy signals and fewer of your calls going to voice mail when you dial our office during business hours.  Additional improvements include easier and clearer conference calling versus our previous traditional phone system, and our fax number is now the same as our phone number, (715) 343-9600.

Remote Deposit allows us to deposit a check into your LPL account immediately when you drop it off at our office.  Long gone are the days of sending large checks through snail mail, delaying the investment.  While most 401(k) providers will still only send rollover checks directly to you through the mail, once you bring any check into our office, we immediately deposit that money and confirm its location into your LPL account via our online portal for you.

While all of this is exciting, there is so much more!  We look forward to sharing additional updates with you in upcoming Weekly Reports.