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Job or Employer Change Series:



Job or Employer Change? Part I - Decisions Matter. An Ounce of Prevention:

Your employer sold the business. Or you have a new job. What to do 







Job or Employer Change? Part II - Knowledge Matters. Overcome Apprehension:

There are many benefits decisions to make during a job or employer change, or if you decide to retire.







Job or Employer Change? Part III - Experience Matters. Can I have your Attention?

Tales from the Front. Real-life situations where, with little planning and experience, you may make some positive moves.







Job or Employer Change? Part IV - Planning matters:

What should you do with your old and new accounts. Do you have a plan?







Job or Employer Change? Part V - Pay Attention to Your Pension:

A discussion on Defined Benefit Plans, and understanding the rules.







When do I fire myself?

We can't be all things to all people.









Give to Charity or the IRS?

If you send your RMD direct to your favorite not-for-profit you can avoid the tax

If you send your RMD direct to your favorite not-for-profit you can avoid the tax





5 Investment Rules in an Election Year

Election years should not derail you from your investing disciplines.







June 25th is Independence Day (to me)!

I celebrate 10 years as an independent advisor. Why that's important to the people I help.






Embracing Tech & Having a Paperless Office through LPL Financial

Working paperless and remote is a positive option. It has become critical in a pandemic year.







Clients want to know how Smart we are - Not!

Listening, not speaking "Financial-ese", and explaining the steps to take is more important to our people than showing that we know all of the terms.







Expectations - well, what did you expect?

Setting reasonable assumptions in planning makes sense







Rewards in a time of Stress:

When you get that call from a client in need.








How are my Stocks??:

Guiding a long-term investor away from daily concerns.








If Financial Planning is the Yin, what is the Yang?:

If you have a Financial Plan, do you truly have balance? There is a flip side of planning.









Retirement Risks Series:

Retirement Risks: Part I The Definition of Risk is.....

Part I in a series. Market risk is only one of many types you face in retirement. This series will discuss several risks you should be aware of, and how to manage them for a safer, more predictable future.










Retirement Risks - Part II Why is aging in retirement risky?

Why is aging in retirement risky? Part II in a series on managing multiple retirement risks.











Retirement Risks Part III - Investment Risks

Investment risk is more than just market ups and downs.









Retirement Risks Part IV - Work & Family Risk

The last session of this series. I discuss how to plan for work and family-related surprises.